Coaching Background & Style

Hi there, I’m Jane. And if you’re on my website you’re either interested in learning more about me and my work or you’ve clicked through a social media rabbit hole. Either way—welcome and thanks for swinging by!

I’m a certified coach, corporate trainer, and speaker. My work spans leadership and executive coaching, personal development (life coaching), business growth, career transition, and political coaching. The common thread being that I’m curious about and you and how I can help.

I help people find fulfillment, happiness, and meaning in any and all areas of their lives. This might feel like something you should be able to do on your own, and for many parts of life you probably can and do it very well! But sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you might put so much pressure on yourself to figure it all out quickly and perfectly. Sometimes you can’t figure it out alone. That’s okay, that’s where I come in.

We’re all complex, multi-faceted humans; this is a fundamental belief of mine and part of my approach. I believe your all parts of your life should work together not against one another.

I support individuals and groups make progress on positive, sustainable change. I bring an empathetic and intuitive coaching perspective to help people find and succeed at what’s next for them, guiding them through transitions while supporting them to build enhanced visions for their lives, leadership, executive presence, communications, emotional intelligence, and overall effectiveness and fulfillment.

How’d I get here?

But let’s back up, how did I get into this sometimes seemingly squishy business of coaching exactly??

I’ve always had a vision for my life and career, long before I would have called it a vision. Back in college, I was fascinated with the differences and nuances of people and culture; I dove into this by studying the discipline of Anthropology. I soon picked up a second major of Sociology, and I became curious about the nuances in modern western culture, particularly around work. Still, I knew my professional path would begin in the corporate world. But I understood that my choice to study these subjects would make it a bit more challenging to launch my career, plus I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do at first. So I got scrappy and creative—I interned a lot and held many different jobs to explore my interests.

I was first exposed to advertising and marketingwhich is where I began my career—while working for the Recycling Department at UVA. For three years I crafted messages and led promotions to educate students on often little-known recycling options (for instance: Solo cups are recyclable) I began sharing advice on my experience supplementing my education with others; soon friends, family, and classmates were seeking me out to discuss their journeys. Once I ended up leading part of an internship seminar since my classmates had more questions for me than the facilitator; years later I participated in a negotiation seminar and again ended up fielding questions from the audience since I had such deep personal experience on the topic.

It became a bit of a joke with friends, colleagues, and family: I was their coach. Conversations with senior management that were meant to be about my growth would flip after 10 minutes to their goals, dreams, families, or challenges with a client. People would come to me when something just didn’t feel “right” in their lives or at work and would tell me they just felt better after talking things out with me. Still, it wasn’t until a friend pointed out that within 6 months of me moving across the street from her, she had renegotiated her salary by $15,000, lost 20 pounds, and finally applied to graduate school—with my helpthat it hit me: This was real. This was what I needed to be doing.

I made it official in 2014 when I launched my business on the side. I began speaking in front of groups of various sizes in 2016 and in 2017 I joined the Adjunct Faculty at the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago. I began working with political candidates and coaching them on public speaking, presence, and confidence in 2017. And in 2018 I jumped and began running my business, The New Exec, full-time.

Prior to running my business full-time, I worked in marketing and brand management for a decade at Fortune List companies and startups. I’ve launched major products and campaigns, led a cross-functional team in support of a $3 billion banking acquisition, and founded and led a global Culture organization. I frequently draw on this experience in my work with leaders and organizations.

I live and work from my home in Wicker Park, Chicago with +/-14 houseplants.

Who do I work with?

I work with anyone who craves something more. Or different. Or just something. A lot of my clients are new leaders and executives, entrepreneurs launching and growing businesses, political hopefuls looking to really connect with voters, parents transitioning back to work; really anyone who has a goal or a vision, is going through a change or wants a change, or feel like something is off.

I help people identify what they actually want and help them get there. I help individuals overcome various obstacles in their lives, move cities, states, and countries, and generally live happier, healthier, and more full lives.


My clients are all unique but almost all have a common thread of feeling stuck or unsure of how to make a dream or a goal come true.


They’re not sure whether they should finally leave the job they have been complaining about for years, why they can’t stick to a New Years resolution, whether they should take the job and move across the country, or take the leap and launch the business idea they’ve been chewing on for years. Sometimes they’re not even quite sure what they want.

I work with groups and organizations who want to actually support their associates in sustainable, career and life changing ways. I lead workshops and deliver keynote speeches to groups who are sick of trainers and motivational speakers who don’t offer applications of their ideas, and want to offer something meaningful and usable to their their people while driving business results. My political coaching supports progressive candidates; and I largely work with women candidates who have never run before.



Want to learn more or work together? Send me a note or schedule a free sample session.

(Also feel free to simply say hello!)