Career Coaching & Consulting


Clarity on what you want out of your career. Support on how to actually make it happen. 

Whether you’re unsure what it is that you want to do or how to structure your time, how to move up or how work fits within the rest of your life, how to nail an interview or the big question: “What do I want to do when I grow up?” career coaching and consulting will help you move forward in an effective, supportive, and motivating way.

These are different services but I very frequently create hybrid programs. I also support new and established coaches.

Career Coaching

Career coaching helps you identify and uphold personal and professional values, move forward when you feel like you’ve been sitting in one place for too long or thinking about a situation from the same point of view. This type of support is best if you feel stuck but are unsure what actually you want, how you want your career to fit within your broader life, or if you want to work through a specific situation or hurdle you’re facing.

My career coaching follows the same Co-Active methods I use in my other coaching programs that I use with founders and executives wanting to advance their careers and businesses.

Career coaching programs are a 4-month minimum commitment to ensure we can build the foundation for growth and enable you to see results. All programs begin with a 90-minute Discovery Session in which we’ll build the foundation for our ongoing work together, followed by 50-minute sessions typically on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.

Career and Job Search Consulting/Mentorship

Career consulting is ideal when you know exactly what you want next but need help progressing in interviews, kicking off a job search strategically, developing a clear LinkedIn presence–any tactical element of career progression.

This type of engagement is more directive. Consulting and mentorship is centered on me giving advice on a particular situation or topic as opposed to helping you sort through something. I’ll also frequently give direct feedback on anything from a mock interview or how you might position certain experiences.

I am happy to hold as many or as few consulting sessions as you need over any period of time. I do not offer sample consulting sessions but I’m happy to offer a free coaching session to confirm chemistry and fit and discuss what consulting or mentorship might look like for you.


What if I want to do both?

You’re not alone. I very frequently create custom coaching and consulting hybrid packages. These typically include 3+ coaching sessions, including a Discovery Session, to start followed by as many consulting sessions as you like. We can also intermix them over the course of a period of time.

If you’re interested in a hybrid engagement, grab a sample session to start. After we confirm fit on both sides we can design how we might move forward.

What if I want to become a coach?

Awesome! I coach and mentor coaches all the time. Whether you’re working through a certification program, wanting support on building a business, or to simply want to be coached I’d love to support you.

These engagements are often built custom based on your specific needs so it’s best to start with a sample coaching session to confirm we’re a good match and talk about your needs and wants from there.

Start with a sample session

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