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Shape Shifting Social: Stay Ahead of the Instagram Curve Like an Influencer

August 14 from 6 – 8 pm @ General Assembly Chicago

Hear from some of Chicago’s influential social media content creators on how each of them has tackled everything from beating the Instagram algorithm to making engaging content work in a competitive social media space. Walk away with essential tips to continue improving and amplifying your Instagram social strategy.


  • Mix and mingle with some of Chicago’s top influencers and digital marketing professionals
  • Learn what the Instagram algorithm targets when boosting content within user feeds
  • Hear how influencers today are shifting their content to harness more engagement
  • What marketers can expect in 2018 for new social media trends and strategies

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A Mindful Approach to Building a Successful Career

August 22 from 6 – 8 pm @ General Assembly Chicago

Millennials have been described as the job hopping generation. Surveys of tech workers in the US and UK show average tenures to be little over a year… what’s going on? Are we jumping ship to find more fulfilling opportunities only to eventually meet the same disappointment? Is the issue with us employees, our employers, or both?

Join us as we explore the tools and mindsets that lead to a sense of career fulfillment and share practical tips on how you can actualize your goals.


  • How to improve our self-awareness and make data driven decisions about work.

  • The spectrum of fixed and growth mindsets and how we can turn failures and setbacks into learning opportunities instead of being crippled by them.

  • How to define our own personal standard of success and what tools / mindsets we need to adopt in order to stay effective and accountable to our goals.

  • An overall clearer idea of how to make the next best move in your career.

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Launching A Diversity Recruitment Initiative at Your Organization

August 28 from 6 – 8 pm @ General Assembly Chicago

Join General Assembly for a discussion with talent leaders who are driving change within their organizations. Hear first-hand how People Teams have effectively launched diversity hiring initiatives, and what they’ve learned along the way. Walk away with tips and tools you can use to make the case for and launch a diversity hiring initiative at your organization

What We’ll Cover

  • Actionable advice on establishing a diverse top-of-funnel – gain new sourcing ideas and tips for how to execute
  • Ways to strengthen your initiative – learn how joining forces with strategic partners inside and outside of your organization can create a more effective and authentic initiative (and how to make this happen)
  • How to think about employer branding when launching a diversity initiative – learn ways to incorporate different perspectives within your recruiting process to connect with your audiences

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How To Be A Side Hustler

September 18 from 6 – 8 pm @ General Assembly Chicago

Having a job with great pay and solid benefits is rewarding, but there’s one thing that’s even more meaningful: working for yourself! But, we all have bills to pay and responsibilities we’ve made, so most of us don’t have the luxury of immediately quitting our day jobs to pursue our own self-employed dream careers.

So, how do you make your aspirations of becoming your own boss come to life? Enter the side hustle. Come join our lineup of speakers as they delivers a highly tactical tips and tricks on the how (and why) behind starting a successful side hustle while keeping your day job.

What We’ll Cover

    • How to identify lucrative market opportunities that align with your interests
    • Prioritization, time management and how to structure a daily routine that’s optimized for success
    • Getting published and featured by top publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc
    • How to avoid getting fired and sued with your side business (from personal experience)
    • Why having a side hustle will create opportunities, rather than sitting around and waiting for big breaks
    • and much more..

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