Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a multi-month engagement during which we’ll partner together to help you better understand what your overall sense of satisfaction and fulfillment is currently, what you want to enhance, and the obstacles getting in your way. We’ll then co-create the way forward to move you in the direction of your goals.

We’ll use a variety of tools to connect you with your needs and values, uncover what exactly is holding you back, and identify actionable steps you can take to enhance your career or more generally live your best life.

The Co-Active method that I employ is very open ended and can feel like an intimate conversation. The difference between this and a conversation with a best friend is that it’s focused entirely on you and I don’t have an agenda or an interest in whether one thing or another happens. Coaching is different from therapy in that we do no focus on your past nor do I follow a clinical model. Instead we focus on the here and now, and future, and I follow a human potential model.

All coaching programs start with a 90-minute Discovery Session in which we’ll build the foundation for our ongoing work together. I’ll walk you through activities and exercises, help you clarify personal values and goals, get to know different parts of you, manage self-sabotaging “inner voices,” and more.

Coaching programs require a 4-month minimum commitment to ensure we can build the foundation for growth and give you proper time to see results. Clients typically partner with me for 6-12 months.

Sessions are conducted virtually with to meet in-person in/around Chicago, IL for an additional fee. Clients are able to communicate with me in between sessions via unlimited email or text support.


Sounds interesting but how do I know if this is right for me?

I totally get it can be difficult to conceptualize coaching. Plus it’s  really important we have the right fit (on both ends) which is why I offer a completely free sample session to start.

Still have questions?

I’ll help answer these in every way I can