Services Offered

If you furrow your brow when you hear the word coaching and think, “I can live my life alone just fine, thank you very much!” You’re right and you absolutely can. In fact you’re the only person who can live your own life. The thing is sometimes it gets hairy and sometimes it’s nice to have help.

It’s 2018 and there’s a lot going on. You might work a lot—or a little—and you may not like this. You may see your family too little—or too much—and you might want something different. Maybe you made a choice a while ago and are wrestling with whether it was the “right” choice.

You may have just achieved a long-time goal (congratulations!) or hit a big milestone but feel sort of “ehh” about it. You may just feel “ehh” about the life you’ve been living. You may feel like you haven’t been living the kind of life you want.

Maybe you simply feel stuck. Maybe you’ve been thinking about change for a while, doing your best to get momentum going, only to stand still or feel like you’re backtracking.

This is where coaching comes in.

Services Offered

1:1 Co-Active Coaching

In these customized one-on-one coaching sessions we’ll partner together to better understand where you are currently, what in your life you’re looking to enhance, and the current obstacles getting in your way. We’ll then co-create a strategy that will move you forward in your desired areas of growth.

We’ll use a variety of tools to connect you with your needs and values, uncover what is holding you back, and identify actionable steps you can take to enhance your career or more generally live your best life.

Co-Active coaching requires a time committment and is offered via packages. Sessions are conducted virtually. Clients enjoy unlimited email or text support in between conversations.

1:1 Career Consulting + Strategy

In customized one-on-one strategy sessions we’ll focus on an area of your career you need a little more direction on, be it interview prep, job search support, or tackling a negotiation.

These sessions are consultative in nature and can be completed as frequently as a client likes. Sessions are conducted virtually.


Group Consulting

I offer consulting services, lunch + learns, workshops, and assessment programs to organizations and groups of all sizes.

I’ve spoken at Women’s Networking Groups and Young Professional Associations, built global culture organizations, led personal branding seminars, and helped organizations improve their operational structures to better jive with modern workplace demands by improving remote work programs.

I can develop original materials to fit the needs of your firm.


Workshops + Speaking


I offer workshops, seminars, lunch & learns, and more to organizations, professional groups, and students.

I have spoken on salary negotiation, resume optimization, crafting your story, interviewing, goal setting, managing personal finances, and more.

My programs can be tailored to fit specifc needs or I am happy to create original content to fit specific needs.

Ready to move forward?

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