Services Offered

1:1 Coaching

In these customized one-on-one coaching sessions we’ll partner together to assess where you are currently, what areas of your life you are looking to enhance, and the current obstacles getting in your way. We’ll then co-create a strategy that will move you forward in your desired areas of growth.

We’ll use a variety of tools to connect you with your needs and values, uncover what is holding you back, and identify actionable steps you can take to enhance your career or more generally live your best life.

I ask all of my clients to complete a goal setting exercise, which is a simple yet extremely effective activity I’ve refined over time that both illuminates what it is that you truly want and keeps our work actionable and forward moving. Many of my clients say that the goal-focused work we do together is one of the most powerful parts of our relationship.

One-on-one coaching is available on a single session basis or at discounted rates in four session or monthly packages. Sessions are conducted virtually via video or phone call. All sessions include a short recap and homework assignments; package clients enjoy unlimited email or text support.

Colleges & Universities

I offer workshops, seminars, lunch & learns, and more to students in undergraduate and graduate programs, community colleges, immersive bootcamp programs, and trade schools. My original content can be tailored to fit your program and students’ needs.

I have spoken on salary negotiation, resume optimization, crafting your story, interviewing, goal setting, managing personal finances, and more.

I have unique expertise in offering actionable insight to students on not just getting a job after school but buidling a meaningful career and life.



Businesses & Organizations

I offer workshops, assessment programs, lunch & learns, and consulting services to companies and organizations of all sizes.

I’ve spoken at Women’s Networking Groups and Young Professional Associations, built global culture organizations, led personal branding seminars, and helped organizations improve their operational structures to better jive with modern workplace demands by improving remote work programs.

I can develop original materials to fit the needs of your firm.


Workshops & Speaking

I lead workshops and seminars on a regular basis nationwide.

My current original signature program, Beyond the Syllabus, is for students, recent grads, and young professionals. It solves a common problem I see time and time again in my coaching work: Nearly all of my clients feel stuck, dissastified, and report feeling a disconnect and lack of meaning in their work and lives. We work hard to get past these feelings but I want to help people get ahead of this.

This is why I have developed a half-day program that teaches not just how to get a job after school but how to launch a meaningful career and build a meaningful life.

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