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Marie Kondo is the best selling author and creator of of the KonMari method, which helps people organize their lives by making choices about their belongings based on what “sparks joy” for them.

Her methods are actually incredibly thorough, but this component is what sparks the most buzz since it can seem, at first, a ridiculous way to furnish a home.

Still her method has resonated with tens of millions of readers and fans worldwide through her 4 bestselling books. Most famously her 2011 book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has been published in more than 30 countries and now she’s brought her framework to her Netflix series.

For me, what everything really boils down to is that her approach helps people step into what’s next for them by helping them reflect on and consider what they really want with them in their next stage of life and what will help them live this next stage most joyously.

That’s pretty incredible.

This begs the question I’ve been seeing more and more, and am starting to get with my clients —  Should I incorporate this concept into my life? And if yes, how can I do it?

My answer: Maybe!

The thing is no one can tell you what’s the best way to live your life. I’m a big believer in the notion that buried deep down in each of us is all the wisdom (answers!) we’ll ever need. That said those can be SO hard to access. To help, here are 4 questions to consider to help you decide if it’s time to tidy up your life, so to speak:

1. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being so amazing that you want me to let you rank it an 11, and 1 being so low that you really feel like you need a 0, how would you rate your overall satisfaction in life? Nwo step back and consider what you want this number to be. Now observe the difference. Is it big? Small? That difference can offer insight.

2. Think of a feeling that you really, really love feeling. It might be being productive or pure elation or feeling competent. Once you have that feeling answer this question: When’s the last time you truly felt this way? If it’s been recent then you’re likely living your life pretty aligned with what you enjoy. If it’s been a few months you might consider taking some action to experience this feeling more.

3. Go back to that original question about your overall feeling of satisfaction in life. What does satisfaction look like to you? What does it include to be truly satisfied?

4. Finally, think of a time when you felt truly satisfied, or better yet — fulfilled. What made this time so fulfilling? Really deeply explore this — What were you doing in life? How were you spending your time? Who were you spending your time with? What mattered to you then? What matters to you now? Preferences change all the time, but it can be useful to explore what was going on during a really ideal time to learn what was working for us then, and what we might take about that going forward.

These questions are a good starting point to let thoughts flow. A disclaimer is that this is not a Cosmo quiz wherein if you answered mostly “Cs” then you should re-evaluate your life — I’m here to tell you that those quizzes were both totally made up and also that’s not how it works.

What’s important here is whatever comes up for you as you consider these questions. Whatever comes up is just fine. The whole point is to notice.

If you feel disconnected to what matters to you, well, it might be time to take some inspiration from the KonMari method and do some tidying up in your life.

If you’re ready to tidy your home definitely check out Marie Kondo’s resources. If you’re ready to tidy your life I can help. Book a sample session today to explore one of these areas — or something totally different — and let’s see what we can tidy up.