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My mind was running circles around the combination of skills that I possessed. I needed guidance on exactly how to clarify and eliminate the experiences that were not absolutely necessary for the job that I am applying for. Jane went beyond my expectations! She is committed to getting to know her clients from a professional aspect first, before even diving into what she has in store for your career road map. That professional, personable, and extremely beneficial approached sealed the experience for me.

Jane definitely has the edge for branding, creative flow, and powerful customized content to fit any job description out there! She blew me away with her expertise identifying strategies to communicate my value, experience, and success with a twist of innovative word choice that correlated with the chosen target market. Jane elevated my confidence to follow my path towards my highest goals and strengthen the leader already inside. She went above and beyond with her one-on-one sessions in great detail, provided incredible support, and formulated a resume/cover letter that is generating results! I would recommend Jane to anyone! Jane is a true expert, who genuinely cares about her client’s success!

Emily R.

Marketing Leader

Jane provided resources, reflection techniques and goal setting exercises that empowered me to kick-off my job search on the right foot. I came out of this session with focused objectives, clear action items and was able to outline expectations and identify criteria to help me stay true to my values and passions when evaluating new opportunities.

The session was very motivating and has really helped me stay accountable and on track with what I hope to achieve.

Laura M.

Brand Manager

First and foremost, I’d like to mention that Jane is incredibly skilled, an astute professional and a natural at coaching. She is simply the best I’ve encountered at this point. The session I had with Jane was very thorough and she really helped me to think about my career in a different way.

I will also admit that I was quite skeptical at first to work with a career coach. However, that has all changed after talking with Jane. I was very satisfied with the service I received and I will certainly be working with Jane again (very soon)!

Justin W.


Last year as my annual review was approaching, I was seeking a fresh way to organize and convey my professional goals to the principal of my firm. Jane helped me clarify and structure my goals into a long term strategy that conveyed my progress thus far as well as my future potential as a professional asset.

A few months later, when I was hoping to negotiate a substantial raise, I reached out to Jane again. This was the first time where I was in the position to negotiate my salary and the task seemed daunting. There is a fine balance that needs to be sustained for success, and Jane helped me break down my negotiation process into logical steps to make the situation less intimidating. With her help I seamlessly negotiated a 25% raise.

Jane has helped my immeasurably with my career strategy, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Christina L.


I came to Jane pretty desperate for direction in my job search. Jane’s first step was to help me update and polish my resume. Where it had previously been something that most hiring managers would have probably tossed out at first glance, Jane’s direction and editing turned my resume into something I began receiving compliments on how professional and impressive it looked.

Jane also helped me with various networking and application strategies to the point where I landed a handful of interviews within the first few weeks of serious job searching. Without Jane’s skillful help and encouragement, I would have become lost and discouraged by the job hunting process. Because of Jane’s help, I was able to find a job within a month of serious searching. Not only that, but I found a job working at a start up in my desired field that was able to see my personality come through my application. Without Jane’s help, I’m not sure they would have looked twice.

Nicholas L.


I hadn’t needed a new job for a decade and I knew the recruiting system had changed in the meantime. I felt like I needed someone really good to help me learn fast how to navigate my new job hunt a few months ago. Jane Scudder not only offered a thorough coaching service in the package hours I purchased but also assisted and supported me in between sessions via email, which is a priceless added value to her outstanding service.

Jane explained to me how recruiters choose candidates nowadays, insightful strategies to network during job hunts, and we also went through my resume and cover letters. I am now applying to jobs by myself, and I feel confident/optimistic.

I will totally go back to Jane’s coaching soon: to learn more strategies and go through my Linkedin page, if I don’t manage to get a job interview within a few weeks; to get ready for interviews, in case I land some soon 🙂 !!!

I highly recommend Jane’s coaching: she is the best and a wonderfully personable professional!

Clara T.


I asked Jane to help restructure, format, and write my resume. Her suggestions far surpassed my expectations. She was prompt, professional, and able to gear my profile towards the type of career I always dreamed of. I highly recommend Jane to anyone looking to make a change in their current position, get back into the market, or just be prepared for the future.

Trimaine M.


I highly recommend Jane’s coaching services! At the time I sought Jane’s coaching expertise, I was going through a career road block where I was unsure of whether or not I should continue a legal career or pursue a career in the corporate sector. However, after one meeting with Jane she helped me create a game plan to pursue my goals in transitioning to a new career, revise my resume and cover letter, as well as assist me in interview preparation.

Within three months after our initial meeting, I accepted a new position with a large telecommunications company where the work environment is a perfect fit and I have been able to finally obtain a level of job satisfaction that I never thought was possible. I truly believe that Jane’s coaching helped me to define my career goals and teach me life long skills that I can apply in my future job searches.

Her services are great for a new graduate looking to enter into the work force, someone looking to transition into a new career path, or someone who’s interested in climbing the corporate ladder at their current employer! Her packages are comprehensive and her rates are competitive and definitely a smart investment in yourself.

Karima I.

Corporate Real Estate Compliance & Legal Associate

My session with Jane was exactly what I needed to begin my new job search and discover a career path I can be excited about. Jane was friendly, upbeat, positive, open, honest, and an active listener. I loved that Jane spoke to me about goal settings and provided me with a follow-up email after our session. In the email, Jane summarized our discussion and provided assignments for me to complete to help me continue with my journey. I am going to schedule additional sessions to continue working with Jane.

Catherine M.

Hospital Administrator

Jane is awesome – she gave me actionable items (homework!) to work towards. She had good advice on creating career goals and motivating/focusing on what career/job is best for me. Excited for our next session on how to tackle applying to jobs outside of my current industry.

Katie A.

Management Consultant

Deciding to meet with Jane was probably the best career move I’ve made in years. She helped me re-brand myself and adjust my resume in anticipation of a career move from PR agency to an in-house position.

Amy L.

PR Professional

Jane is absolutely wonderful….she made the most of our session time and truly focused on my needs. Following my session with Jane, I feel prepared and excited to begin my job search in a new career arena that I was so terrified to explore before. Additionally, I appreciate the timely follow up notes and action items she provided following our session. I am looking forward to checking in with Jane in the next 6 months. Invest in yourself, and make an appointment. You won’t be disappointed!

Alicia P.

Project Manager

Jane was born to answer interview questions. At one point in the session Jane did a small role play as me in an interview – completely blew my mind the way she took all of my experience and rephrased it to promoting myself. I am the person who freezes up in interview situations and have a hard time speaking highly of myself. Jane helped me realize all of the work I have already put in, and she put it into actions.

My biggest concern was walking away still questioning what to do next, but with Jane’s follow up “homework” and goal setting tips – I am set up for success.

Kristie R.

Retail Merchandising Associate

Jane helped me with correcting both my resume and cover letter. She was extremely beneficial with her tips and notes and I have definitely believe it will help me with furthering my career. I highly recommend her services.

Leila I.

Medical Student

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