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What Others Have Said About Working With Jane

Working with Jane has been transformational. She gave me the support, coaching, and resources I needed to be able to quit my corporate job and launch my own company.

She is so skilled at helping people through life transitions and offers clarity when you are feeling lost and confused.

Ultimately, Jane helps you become the best version of yourself.

Elise Gelwicks, Founder @ Eleview

Chicago, IL

Working with Jane was the best investment I made in my business and myself last year.

I went in with low confidence in my decision making as a business owner, hating sales calls, and afraid to even set an income goal for myself.

After working with Jane I feel empowered to follow my instincts, I actually look FORWARD to sales calls now (what?), and I hit my income goal out of the park and now am so much more comfortable with goal setting.

Jane is amongst the biggest reasons that my business grew so much last year, and I owe her so much!

Jen Davis, Founder Hello June

Killeen, TX

How do you put a price tag on clarity and hope?

Thanks to Jane Scudder I now have a much better understanding of where I had been going in circles with my new career pursuits.

Her ability to articulate a complex equation was a breath of fresh air! And because of her amazing gift– which brought me desperately needed hope – I’ve already signed up for additional classes in other areas of business.

Jane is truly one of a kind.

Marie Anderson

Chicago, IL

Jane’s persistence and awareness during a range of conversations and topics helped me understand more about myself and what I needed to focus on. Her professional, energetic attitude, and direct powerful questions, complimented her sense of humor and ability to encourage my own growth personally and professionally.

I’m looking forward to working with Jane again soon!

Josh R., 38

Milwaukee, WI

Jane is a different kind of coach. Sure she can help you advance in your career but Jane also goes beyond that. She helps you understand what motivates you in life and how to use that motivation to improve all areas of your life, not just your job.

If you’re looking for a coach with a holistic approach, Jane should be at the top of your list!

Saki R., 30

Chicago, IL

Jane was always very positive, supportive and encouraging while also not afraid to ask the right questions to dig into the heart of the topics I brought to the coaching sessions.

An excellent coach whom I would thoroughly recommend!

Jon W.

Cambridge, UK

One thing that I took away from our [last] conversation is not to worry so much about what others will think and also not to be too hard on myself. I knew for several months that I didn’t want to continue in my business, but I worried that getting a full-time job meant I was a failure.

Looking back, I think one of the biggest struggles was that my personality doesn’t mesh with being a solopreneur. Also, there’s no reason to care so much about what others might think—it’s an eternal struggle, right? I feel like I’ve been able to get out of my bubble a bit more now that I’m not working for myself, and I’ve realized that everyone else is just making it up as they go along, too.

It’s funny how getting your outside perspective finally helped me move on to this next phase in my life. Thank you for asking the right questions. Thank you for listening.

I really think what made our conversation so powerful was not that you gave me advice, but that you asked me the right questions so that I could hear myself say out loud what I truly wanted deep down.

Emily C., 27

San Francisco, CA

I started working with Jane because I was unhappy at my job.

In our first session, Jane asked me to lay out a few 6 mo, 1 yr, and 5 yr goals. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was actually drawing a roadmap for myself that would lead me to where I actually wanted to be.

By the end of our time working together, I’d landed a new job that was much more in line with my interests and skillsets and started a side gig which was a direct result of the goals Jane had me set on day one.

It took me a little while to get on the right path but once I did, things finally started to feel right and I have Jane to thank for that.

If I find myself needing any coaching in the future, Jane will be the first person I call.

Megan B., 32

Washington, DC

Jane was amazing! She was able to calm me down and help to provide clarity and focus that I needed. She was able to get me thinking about my career in the long term and in ways I had never thought of before. I asked her to provide candid feedback and she gave me just what I needed.

I’m very excited for my next session with Jane!

Jessica A., 25

St. Louis, MO

My company has worked with Jane on multiple occasions from Negotiation Strategies workshops to Personal Narrative writing. Jane has an extremely approachable yet sophisticated form of communicating. She is patient and ensures that all attendees are getting the most of the course while moving along for those that want more.

Jane comes highly recommend for any and all business workshops!

Taylor Sommers, Event Producer @ Rise & Set

Chicago, IL

Jane is an excellent coach. She is able to both follow a well-structured approach to coaching, and have an intuitive sense of areas to double-click. By asking the right questions in a safe manner, she has helped me go deeper to better understand myself.

Overall Jane has helped me chart out the path as the CEO of my company, work towards becoming a Thought Leader and feel confident in becoming a good father.

Sharad L.


Jane from The New Exec has been absolutely wonderful as a business coach. She’s brought so much clarity and guidance as my business grows from a single freelancer to a design studio of 3.

I feel refreshed after every call and have an action plan to ensure we are moving forward and addressing any hangups. She’s reliable, trustworthy, and generally an awesome person to have around.

I highly recommend The New Exec!

Giselle Field, Founder @ Wander Design

Sedona, AZ

It was well worth the investment to work with Jane!

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get stuck in the same thought and habit loops that are sometimes holding me back from what I know I can accomplish with my business and career.

Jane asked such thoughtful questions and brought fresh perspective to challenges I faced in my work that I’d been dealing with for so long. She did a great job at “zooming out” to help me identify values and do mindset work, then “zooming in” to see how those could connect to practical steps and goals.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to level up in their life or career!

McKenna R.

Olympia, WA

I was lucky enough to meet Jane at one of her speaking workshops, and I’ve been nothing but appreciative of her help and coaching. She truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond with her thoughtfulness and unique approach to coaching matters.

I can’t thank her enough for helping me through he last couple of months and I can only hope that others see how great she can be for you!

Christian J.

Chicago, IL

Jane Scudder was a panelist at an annual event of the French American Chamber of Commerce in Spring 2019 on the topic of Personal Branding and she did a fabulous job. She was fun, very knowledgeable and candid about the topic.

I highly recommend her….Merci Jane!

Mariam H. @ The French American Chamber of Commerce

Chicago, IL

Jane was my coach in 2018 and part of 2019. During our time together, Jane was an amazing resource for me. She gave me space to discover more about myself and make decisions that made sense for my business and personal goals.

Jane was both supportive and challenging. She had compassion for me that allowed me to be honest with myself. And ultimately I felt more empowered to accomplish what is important.

I’d highly recommend Jane as a coach!

Leah S., 31

New York, NY

I’ve worked with Jane for the past 6 months in figuring out how to proceed in my career. She’s very insightful, very supportive and encouraging. She worked with me on getting in touch with my ‘gut feelings’, and articulating to myself the things I find interesting, meaningful, and why. That’s helped me so much recently in pursuing a promotion and finding the right roles for me in my management consulting career.

It’s been wonderful working with Jane, and I look forward to working with her again soon!

Katie A., 28

Seattle, WA

Jane Scudder is hands down one of my best instructors at General Assembly Chicago. She has gone above and beyond in developing workshop curriculum that is engaging, relevant, and that helps our students get results in today’s ever changing job market.

She is an excellent communicator and her experience with professional development and coaching [is] highly evident from the positive reviews written by her students.

One of Jane’s greatest strengths is the ease in which she is able to develop personal connections with those she is working with.

I have the utmost confidence in Jane’s ability to lead development workshops and professional trainings.

Teresa Sandoval Education Programs Producer @ General Assembly

Chicago, IL

I’ve been working with Jane Scudder for six months now and have been really happy with the growth she’s helped me achieve. Jane challenges me, in a highly supportive way, to see things from a new perspective. She helped me discover effective and creative ways to focus on what really mattered and recognize my accomplishments as I was juggling a long-distance move, a new profession, and moving away from my sons. In addition, knowing I have to report what I’ve accomplished between sessions helps me focus and turn good ideas into solid action.

I highly recommend Jane Scudder as a coach!

Lisa B., 52

Chicago, IL

I had a long-time dream of moving to Europe but was unsure of how to navigate a new job market where I lacked a network. Not only was I looking for a visa, but I was also wanted to move out of operations.

Jane helped me get clear about what I wanted and tell my story in a confident, compelling way. She was also the best motivator during (many) times of insecurity and doubt.

Four short months later, I am moving to Berlin to work in strategic partnerships!

Jane has a gift for breaking down complex goals into manageable, achievable steps. She helped me realize how much I have to offer and has empowered me to build a life I love.

Danke, Jane!

Nicole K., 31

Berlin, Germany

I was struggling with the standard advice of the training programs to tell stories to connect with voters. Working with Jane has helped me to frame my thoughts in a way that is more authentic to who I am.

I have learned how I can emphasize my platform with personal examples and humor that make me feel more connected to my audience.

Gail Young, Candidate for NC State House of Representatives, District 83

Jane was an absolute pleasure to work with! I’m so happy to have met Jane when I did, she’s helped grow in so many ways.

Jane always made me feel comfortable even when we were in the heavy uncomfortable stuff. She always made me feel supported and authentically listened to, and she always held me accountable in the most non annoying and non aggressive way.

I still have a lot more growing to do but now I feel prepped to do so with a few more tools on my belt. Thank you for a wonderful coaching experience, Jane!

Crystal M.

Chicago, IL

Jane asked powerful questions that help bring to light some of the obstacles that were standing in my way and keeping me stuck. Working with her helped to plant seeds that continued to flourish in transformational ways.

Nicole P.

Hartford, CT

Jane was a leadership educator at our Future Female Founders event for teen girls. While it can be quite difficult to find facilitators with professional experience in the field who are also adept at working with teens, Jane managed to execute the perfect tone, keep the material relevant and engage our teens throughout her session.  Jane is an exceptional facilitator and a joy to work with!

Debra Giunta, Executive Director @ Prismatic

Chicago, IL

The clarity I reached with Jane….about what I really value in a work environment has been a blessing and is something I never would have figured out on my own! The information and action plan I made with Jane have turned my anxiety about my future into excitement. The insight into what I need from a work environment has also helped me put my current situation into perspective and helped me distance myself emotionally from a situation that is not right for me.
…I would encourage others seeking to change to invest in themselves and work with a coach of Jane’s caliber.
Chris H., 40

Chicago, IL

My session with Jane was exactly what I needed to begin my new job search and discover a career path I can be excited about.

Jane was friendly, upbeat, positive, open, honest, and an active listener. I loved that Jane spoke to me about goal setting and….provided assignments for me to complete to help me continue with my journey. I am going to schedule additional sessions to continue working with Jane.

Catherine M., 27

Fredericksburg, VA

Jane provided resources, reflection techniques and goal setting exercises that empowered me.

I came out of this session with focused objectives, clear action items and was able to outline expectations and identify criteria to help me stay true to my values and passions when evaluating new opportunities.

The session was very motivating and has really helped me stay accountable and on track with what I hope to achieve.

Laura M., 30

San Francisco, CA

First and foremost, I’d like to mention that Jane is incredibly skilled, an astute professional and a natural at coaching. She is simply the best I’ve encountered at this point. The session I had with Jane was very thorough and she really helped me to think about my career in a different way.

I will also admit that I was quite skeptical at first to work with a coach. However, that has all changed after talking with Jane. I was very satisfied with the service I received and I will certainly be working with Jane again (very soon)!

Justin W., 31

Seattle, WA

I wanted to thank you for your Getting Unstuck workshop. Our 5 min 1:1 session was extremely helpful. Your interview tips were so helpful that I actually just accepted the job!!

Thanks for all your help and I will [be] happy to recommend you to any of my friends looking to get unstuck!

Brittany C.

Chicago, IL

Last year as my annual review was approaching, I was seeking a fresh way to organize and convey my professional goals to the principal of my firm. Jane helped me clarify and structure my goals into a long term strategy that conveyed my progress thus far as well as my future potential as a professional asset.

A few months later, when I was hoping to negotiate a substantial raise, I reached out to Jane again. This was the first time where I was in the position to negotiate my salary and the task seemed daunting. There is a fine balance that needs to be sustained for success, and Jane helped me break down my negotiation process into logical steps to make the situation less intimidating. With her help I seamlessly negotiated a 25% raise.

Jane has helped my immeasurably with my career strategy, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Christina L., 31

New York, NY

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