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Trainings, Workshops & Guided Discussions


Interactive team training & workshop programs that shed new light on leadership and professional growth.

I run workshops on the basics like communication and new manager training and also have signature programs that empower individuals to really get to know themselves and others in new ways.

I also create custom programs for off-sites, leadership retreats, and other events.




I lead facilitated conversations that help teams and groups understand each other’s different perspectives, find shared goals, encourage usable conflict, and come to strong resolutions.

I have experience running business and customer journey mapping sessions, leading the design of corporate values, building teams, building advisory boards, and supporting acquisitions and restructuring.


You can download the complete list of my programs, here are some of my most popular training & facilitation topics

Vision, Values, Purpose

Learn how to establish values, what to do with them, and how to use these to lay out a vision and purpose for a career, team, and life. 

Mindset Matters

By understanding our default approaches to work and beyond – or mindsets – we can better harness these to work for us, not against us. Learn what a mindset is as well as basic brain functioning to operate more effectively at work and beyond.

Authentic Leadership

Authenticity is all the rage but how can leaders actually be authentic? This program explores the difference between authentic vs. authority based leadership and learn practical ways to cultivate authenticity, and how to cascade this out to transform your office and team culture.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

This research-based training is essential for any company that wants to measure its own growth and support its employees in measuring theirs. Attendees will leave with practical skills as well as a new frame of reference for feedback.


Active Listening Skills

Humans are not wired to listen, yet this skill is critical to professional success. This program empowers leaders to take better command of their natural brain & body functioning to listen better and operate more effectively.

Listening for Sales Pros also available.

Multi-Generational Teams

All differences can be used for good – provided we clearly see what those differences are and understand what they’re all about. This new take on intergenerational differences and how they can skyrocket company success.

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