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I take a Co-Active approach to coaching which means everything we do is focused on your individual values, wants, needs, and goals. We partner together to drive forward progression on anything from launching a new business, to thriving in new management responsibilities, to navigating a personal change like moving across the country or world.

My work is much more than “life coaching” or “career coaching.” I help clients view their worlds and the changes taking place in a new way. I offer accountability to help make real change when it’s desired.

Most of my clients are high performing individuals both at work and in life who understand that your growth, success, and fulfillment is driven by you, but influenced by your support system. You don’t need a coach by your side, you have to want one; I’d love to be the coach who helps you reach new heights.

I am currently working towards my International Coach Federation (ICF) credentials through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the largest, oldest, and most intensive in-person coach training in the world. I also hold a certification in life coaching through the International Coaching Science Research Foundation.


1:1 Coaching

This is where magic happens. Working together one-on-one we can dive deep into your wants and desires. We partner together on anything from setting clear goals to breaking through the barriers created by limiting beliefs that you may even been aware of. I’ll help you create a clear vision to realize fulfillment, happiness, and success, and then help you achieve it.

Career Consulting + Strategy

Careers are tricky to navigate. Sometimes you need an external POV.  I offer career consulting services to individuals on anything from interview preparation, job search strategy, role transition, and more.

I also offer workplace consulting to organizations who want a new view on their culture or talent management, particularly related to young leaders, women, remote workers, and high performers.

Workshops + Speaking

Groups take on a life and energy of their own, and create a unique learning and growth environment. I build original and effective workshops on personal and professional development topics for organizations and academic institutions of various sizes. I deliver keynote motivational speeches on anything from women’s empowerment to goal setting.

I’ve spoken and led programs  at universities, trade schools, non-profits, and large organizations and can tailor or create programs to fit a range of topics.


Jane was beyond helpful. I have been feeling stuck in regards to whether to stick with a business I’ve started or find a full-time job. I had talked to so many friends and family members and thought about the decision so much that I was in decision paralysis.

Jane helped me clear up my thoughts and feelings about it so that I can move onto the next step without regret. I finally found clarity, and she gave me confidence that I can go out and do amazing things. I look forward to working with her in the future!

Emily C., 27

Carlsbad, CA

Jane provided resources, reflection techniques and goal setting exercises that empowered me to kick-off my job search on the right foot. I came out of this session with focused objectives, clear action items and was able to outline expectations and identify criteria to help me stay true to my values and passions when evaluating new opportunities.

The session was very motivating and has really helped me stay accountable and on track with what I hope to achieve.

Laura M., 30

San Francisco, CA

I highly recommend Jane’s coaching services! At the time I sought Jane’s coaching expertise, I was going through a career road block where I was unsure of whether or not I should continue a legal career or pursue a career in the corporate sector. However, after one meeting with Jane she helped me create a game plan to pursue my goals in transitioning to a new career, revise my resume and cover letter, as well as assist me in interview preparation.

Within three months after our initial meeting, I accepted a new position with a large telecommunications company where the work environment is a perfect fit and I have been able to finally obtain a level of job satisfaction that I never thought was possible. I truly believe that Jane’s coaching helped me to define my career goals and teach me life long skills that I can apply in my future job searches.

Her services are great for a new graduate looking to enter into the work force, someone looking to transition into a new career path, or someone who’s interested in climbing the corporate ladder at their current employer! Her packages are comprehensive and her rates are competitive and definitely a smart investment in yourself.

Karima I., 32

Atlanta, GA

Booking an appointment with Jane was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and, frankly, I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner!

Jane gave me such guidance and support during our session and that made feel so much more confident in my career path. She focused on making sure my expectations and needs were met and she gave me ways to move forward on both a practical and ‘big picture’ level. She gave me questions to consider in advance and then followed up after the session with really helpful notes, tips, and resources so one session really felt like several days of important reflection and reconsideration. I finished our session feeling energized and inspired. I’m excited to book another session soon!

Mia G., 35

New York, NY

First and foremost, I’d like to mention that Jane is incredibly skilled, an astute professional and a natural at coaching. She is simply the best I’ve encountered at this point. The session I had with Jane was very thorough and she really helped me to think about my career in a different way.

I will also admit that I was quite skeptical at first to work with a career coach. However, that has all changed after talking with Jane. I was very satisfied with the service I received and I will certainly be working with Jane again (very soon)!

Justin W., 31

Seattle, WA


The best way to understand my coaching is to experience it. To allow for this, and to determine if we’re a good fit, I offer an absolutely free sample Co-Active coaching session. During this time you’ll get actual coaching on any topic of your choice.  We’ll also review what it is that you wish to accomplish and I can answer any questions about my approach, style, and background.

For workshops, speaking engagements, and consulting projects it’s best to start with a quick email and we can set up a longer consultation.

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