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Hey there, I’m Jane

I help organizations design creative, innovative solutions to their biggest challenges.

I am an expert facilitator and certified executive coach with a background in marketing and cultural anthropology. I am also the creator of easy-to-use products that help leaders coach and develop their teams.

About Me

My work focuses on helping groups and individuals move through problems and situations that seem unsolvable.

Since 2021 I have held a leadership position at The Deloitte Greenhouse. My team and I design and facilitate experiential growth, innovation, strategy, and team alignment sessions for C-Suite clients from Fortune List companies and national non-profits. These bespoke experiential sessions empower participants to move through complex challenges to find solutions and paths forward that would have otherwise been inaccessible.

The Greenhouse is a key differentiator that sets Deloitte apart from a brand perspective. My team and I regularly craft “impact stories” and develop perspectives to help shape sales strategies.

I began leading strategy, vision, innovation, alignment, and journey mapping sessions many years ago and in many different formats, both internal and as an independent consultant. In 2014 I founded The New Exec. I have advised and coached hundreds of leaders across six continents, and partnered with organizations to craft vision, growth, innovation, culture, and operational strategies.

Please note: As of April 2021 I only offer limited services on select topics by application only. Contact me directly to learn more.

Making coaching accessible to all

Your Personal Pocket Coach

In 2020 I created “The Growth Stack – Your Personal Pocket Coach,” a card deck that guides leaders through effective coaching conversations.

The concept for the product came from noticing consistent patterns in my work and from noticing the rising cost of 1:1 coaching and development. As coaching began to become inaccessible and in turn, inequitable, I put my innovation skills to use on myself and began to ideate a solution.

The product launched via a crowdfunding campaign in 2021. In less than two weeks we were fully funded and ultimately achieved 135% funding over the 30 day campaign.

The easy-to-use cards make coaching more accessible and enable leaders and managers to coach their teams like a professional coach.


My Journey

Early Career

I began my career in TV advertising. I spent a decade leading integrated mass media campaigns, brand strategy, point-of-sale merchandising, digital, CRM, marketing analytics, lead generation, direct sales support, and more. I also led culture building and remote workforce efforts, and was Adjunct Faculty at the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago, teaching nearly 200 students.

Some highlights during my early career include: direct oversight of a $1 billion work-stream as part of a national financial services merger; founding and leading a global culture organization spanning 3 continents; and leading the strategic customer journey mapping for a new business unit in the US healthcare space… and then overseeing all customer strategy and growth marketing work following this from customer and research and market selection to digital media and radio testing to building an internally owned collection of original small business stock photo imagery.

I am still a brand builder at heart and draw on my growth mindset when partnering with organizations and executives to craft their strategy, vision, and innovation agendas. I am particularly skilled at collaborating on product development, managing challenging conversations, weighing different – at times competing options – and guiding groups to consensus while considering the impacts on their customers, team culture, and stakeholders.

Training & Credentials


I hold the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation and the Professional Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) credential from the Co-Active Training Institute, the oldest in-person coach training school in the world.

I have received IDEO’s Foundations in Design Thinking Certificate and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Cornell University.

I hold a Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Virginia.

I am also a student of Vipassana meditation; I have participated in multiple courses in India and the United States and practice on my own and in local groups in Chicago, IL.


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