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I am a coach, speaker, and trainer who supports groups and individuals on making sustainable, positive change across any area of life.

I take a Co-Active approach to coaching which means everything we do is focused on your individual values, wants, needs, and goals. I partner with clients to drive forward progression on anything from launching a new business and thriving in new management responsibilities to becoming a better public speaker or navigating a personal change like moving across the country or world. Whatever your goals, I am 100% in on what matters to you, what it is that you want, and helping you make that happen.

My work is much more than simple life coaching or career coaching. It’s complete coaching. I help clients view their worlds and the changes taking place in a new way. I create a safe space to explore thoughts and desires that you might have not yet realized. All my coaching programs offer accountability which is a key part of making real change when that’s what’s desired.

I also work with political candidates, often women making first-time runs for office. I partner with candidates on confidence and presence, and developing public speaking and debating skills. I help candidates discover who they are at their best, describe who they are and what they stand for, then be this best version of themselves.

Most of my clients are high performing individuals who understand that growth, success, and fulfillment is driven by you, but influenced by your support system. You don’t need a coach by your side, you have to want one; I’d love to be the coach who helps you reach new heights.

My company The New Exec works new and ascending leaders, founders, ambitious professionals, and any person wanting real support to move forward on a goal, project, or vision. We offer corporate coaching programs for companies across the globe as well as highly rated trainings and workshop programs.

I have 500+ coaching and mentor hours and have taught and trained over 2,000 adult learners across 4 continents. I hold a certification in life coaching through the International Coaching Science Research Foundation. I am a trained Co-Active Coach and will complete the International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialing process through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the largest, oldest, and most intensive in-person coach training in the world in winter 2019.


1:1 Coaching

This is where magic happens. Working together one-on-one we’ll dive deep into your wants and desires. We partner together on anything from setting clear goals to breaking through the barriers created by limiting beliefs that you may not even know exist.

Together we’ll create a clear vision for what fulfillment and success mean to you and then help you achieve it.

My work spans both executive and leadership coaching as well as personal development coaching.

I also run original political coaching programs for progressive candidates. 

Workshops + Speaking

Groups take on a life and energy of their own, and create a unique learning and growth environment. I build original and effective workshops on personal and professional development topics for organizations and academic institutions of various sizes. I deliver keynote motivational speeches on anything from women’s empowerment to goal setting.

I’ve spoken and led programs  at universities, trade schools, non-profits, and large organizations and can tailor or create programs to fit a range of topics. Over 95% of those who attend my programs report actually using the material in their lives. 


Career + Business Mentorship

Careers are tricky to navigate and business can be beyond challenging to launch. Sometimes you need an external POV. Career and business mentorship are a little more directive than coaching and are right when someone wants a bit more guidance.

I offer mentorship on anything from business scaling, interview preparation, career crafting, role transition, and more.


I had a long-time dream of moving to Europe but was unsure of how to navigate a new job market where I lacked a network. Not only was I looking for a visa, but I was also wanted to move out of operations. 

Jane helped me get clear about what I wanted and tell my story in a confident, compelling way. She was also the best motivator during (many) times of insecurity and doubt.

Four short months later, I am moving to Berlin to work in strategic partnerships!

Jane has a gift for breaking down complex goals into manageable, achievable steps. She helped me realize how much I have to offer and has empowered me to build a life I love.

Danke, Jane!

Nicole K., 31

Berlin, Germany

Jane was beyond helpful. I have been feeling stuck in regards to whether to stick with a business I’ve started or find a full-time job. I had talked to so many friends and family members and thought about the decision so much that I was in decision paralysis.

Jane helped me clear up my thoughts and feelings about it so that I can move onto the next step without regret. I finally found clarity, and she gave me confidence that I can go out and do amazing things. I look forward to working with her in the future!

Emily C., 27

Carlsbad, CA

I’ve been working with Jane Scudder for six months now and have been really happy with the growth she’s helped me achieve. Jane challenges me, in a highly supportive way, to see things from a new perspective. She helped me discover effective and creative ways to focus on what really mattered and recognize my accomplishments as I was juggling a long-distance move, a new profession, and moving away from my sons. In addition, knowing I have to report what I’ve accomplished between sessions helps me focus and turn good ideas into solid action.

I highly recommend Jane Scudder as a coach!

Lisa B., 52

Chicago, IL


The best way to understand what I do is to experience it. To allow for this, and to determine if we’re a good fit, I offer an absolutely free sample coaching session. During this time you’ll get actual coaching on any topic of your choice.  We’ll also review what it is that you wish to accomplish and I can answer any questions about my approach, style, and background.

For corporate work, speaking engagements, and mentorship it’s best to start with a quick email and we can set up a longer consultation.

The longer you wait the longer you'll feel stuck

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